12th Biennial of Moving Images, Saint-Gervais Geneva
Catalogues, Biennales & Collections
Edited by
Peter Stohler
François Bovier
Kathleen Bühler
Jean-Paul Fargier
Julien Fronsacq
André Iten
Fabrice Montal
Thomas Pfister
Joan Simon
Alexandra Theiler Furrer
Joël Vacheron

English / French
October 2007
ISBN: 978-3-905829-01-3
Softcover, 165 x 240 mm
176 pages
Images 80 color / 40 b/w
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12th Biennial of Moving Images

This illustrated book accompanies the 12th Biennial of Moving Images in Geneva. Dedicated to film and video, the BIM was the first European Biennial to focus on artists using these media.

This edition includes retrospectives of filmmakers such as Pedro Costa, Robert Morin and Stavros Tornes, as well as artists such as Joan Jonas, accompanied by overview essays. A selection of works by Johanna Billing, Pierre Huyghe, Martha Rosler, Fiona Tann, David Claerbout and Beat Streuli also feature in the publication, as well as texts by art historians, cinema specialists and critics.

Published with the CIC, Saint-Gervais, Geneva.