25th International Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana
Catalogues, Biennales & Collections
Edited by
Christophe Cherix
Madeleine Goodrich Noble

François Bovier
Bob Nickas
Breda Skrjanec

English / Slovenian
June 2003
ISBN: 978-2-940271-26-9
Softcover, 189 x 229 mm
274 pages
Images 0 color / 88 b/w
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A source book

This catalog brings together all the projects represented at the 25th Biennal of Ljubljana.

Organised in six chapters, it includes an introduction by Christophe Cherix, an overview of the history of the Biennal, artists' texts, and interviews, as well as numerous illustrations in black and white. With contributions by artists such as John Armleder, Isa Genzken, Lucy McKenzie, Robert Morris, Seth Price, and Allen Ruppersberg.

Published in collaboration with the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana. Edited by Christophe Cherix. Designed by Gilles Gavillet, and given an award at the “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” competition, 2003.