Jens Hoffmann
(Curating) From Z to A
Hapax Series
Edited by
Jens Hoffmann
Jens Hoffmann
July 2019
ISBN: 978-3-03764-509-3
Softcover, 105 x 165 mm
96 pages
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An idiosyncratic investigation of curatorial practice

The sequel of the 2014 bestseller "(Curating) From A to Z," this book extends Jens Hoffmann’s investigation of curatorial practice. Employing a diarist style, he completes his personal curatorial alphabet with a similar transparency, and the same idiosyncratic character revealed in many of his exhibitions. The entries are stimulating and intellectually rigorous, as well as being emotionally engaging.

Running in reverse order, each letter of the alphabet evokes a particular word related to the world of exhibition making: from S (as in Scenography) and R (as in Relational) to E (as in Education) and D (as in Durational). Other entries include those dedicated to the Venice Biennale, TATE, the Kunsthalle, and Lucy Lippard. “(Curating) From Z to A” thus offers a summary of the development of curatorial practice over the last two decades seen through the eyes of one of his leading practitioners.

The concepts deciphered in this volume are Zero; Yesterday; Xenophobia; Work; Venice Biennale; Utopia; TATE; Scenography; Relational; Quantity; Publication; Others; Norm; Modern; Lucy Lippard; Kunsthalle; Jury; Idiosyncratic; Humor; Gentrification; Feminism; Education; Durational; Commodity; Black Box; and Artificial.

Jens Hoffmann (b. 1974 in San José, Costa Rica) is a writer, editor, educator, and curator based in New York and Milan.
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