Eva Rothschild
Monographs & Artists’ Books
Edited by
Beatrix Ruf
Will Bradley
Eva Rothschild

English / German
March 2004
ISBN: 978-2-940271-48-1
Hardcover, 205 x 286 mm
64 pages
Images 25 color / 0 b/w
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First monograph

Irish artist Eva Rothschild (*1972) has attracted attention over the past few years with objects made out of materials such as leather, paper, and Plexiglas, indicating a "renewed" preoccupation with the three-dimensional object. Through the renegotiation and expansion of familiar artistic idioms and materials, her work re-accentuates the three-dimensional object by elaborating on the formal vocabulary of 1960s art in particular, and "recharging" the third dimension with the trans-cultural, trans-medial codes of contemporary content.

"In Eva Rothschild's oeuvre, the insignia of modernity are subverted by irrationality, emotionality and unsettling content; perhaps for this very reason they cast the viewer’s possible projections back onto himself. The black Plexiglas works in which Rothschild takes upright triangular forms and dovetails them using various different combinations generating a kind of kit-like Serra sculpture, both trivialize and reactivate abstract shapes and their reception." —Beatrix Ruf

The first monograph dedicated to this intriguing and challengingly beautiful work. With an exhaustive interview with the artist, and an essay by curator Will Bradley from the Modern Institute in Glasgow.

Published in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Zürich on the occasion of the artist's exhibition.